Rock Solid Cock Rings was established using the KISS ( keep it simple, stupid) system. The items in the line are the core designs or the guts of the cock ring business. The products were speced by a team of cock ring specialists ( gay men ) so they would fit comfortably and would perform in reducing blood flow; yielding a stronger harder penis. The colors in the line are right down the center, only two colors offered in most items- Black and Clear. Some items are available in black only. These are the proven best selling colors in this classification.

Another key component in this classification are materials used to construct the rings. The line uses four different materials or substrates.

TPR/TPE hybrid – a blended Elastomer. It holds its shape and is very stretchy, strong and durable. This is the most stretch material in the line and is unique in that one size covers a variety of circumferences or girths. Rings made of TPR/TPE hybrid can be used around testicles which is for some, a great benefit to increase sensitivity.

Silicone – a more dense and softer smooth material with a bit less stretch, holds in shape and is extremely long lasting. This material requires closer circumference accuracy when fitting.

Rubber Phalate free,very durable and long lasting. Offers a more moderate level of stretch.

Value is another part of the formula for Rock Solid, meaning very sharp pricing affording value for the consumers and high margins for stores and distribution partners.